Married People Don’t Date

I can’t get enough of her… Amazing!

Full Metal Mommy

Tonight, is the first date night I’ve had with my husband since Valentine’s day. As a writer, I openly declare math to be offensive to my brain, but it’s June and February was ages ago, so that adds up to: long time no see.

Of course I see my husband every single day, over plates of smiley-potato fries and dinosaur chicken nuggets while one kid or other screeches a high-pitched battle cry for milk and cookies. (Cookies are a sometimes food, damnit!) And one of us adults is inevitably removed from the dinner table to calm a tantrum or wipe a poopy butt.  This theatrical performance is one we reserve for home, and not one that we take on the open road to demonstrate the importance of birth control. In other words, we don’t get out much.

And they said romance is dead.

So roughly once every few months we…

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