The New Neighbor’s Dog

I got a boatload of stuff accomplished this morning. 3 month check-up for the baby, visit with my Brother and Sister-in-law, grocery shopping. It would almost seem like I’m a productive person, which is a bold-faced lie. Better fix that before the word gets out. Productive people are class mom, Productive people head up committees… I, am not yet there.

So, after my exhausting morning, I’m pulling into my driveway to discover the new neighbor and her little dog on my lawn. No problem, I like neighbors, I like dogs. And as I look closer I see her dog is taking a shit. On my lawn. No biggie, dogs poop. And if anyone knows anything about living organisms and bowel movements it’s me.

But then she did something surprising.

As the dog finished it’s business… my new neighbor started to just… walk away. I know in big cities lots of people don’t clean up after their dogs, maybe it’s acceptable where you are reading this right now, and yes, it happens here too but it usually doesn’t happen right in front of the owner, of the property that is getting shit on. Hell, maybe she even forgot a poop bag at the house and needed to run back and get one, but that was not the case here.

After I got over the initial “Oh, no she didn’t” moment I called after her…

How’s it going?

“Oh good, and you?”

Really great… so, are you gonna pick that up?

“Wasn’t planning on it, it’s natural….”

{Natural??? What??}

Yeah, it might be natural for you to have dog shit all over your lawn but I don’t have a dog. I have lots of kids. So maybe next time I’ll send one of them over to your house when they need to go #2.

“I’ll go get a bag.”

There I go again.

Making fast friends.

Welcome to the neighborhood.


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